Welcome to Mackenzie Red Angus and Jewel Red Angus Welcome to Mackenzie Red Angus and Jewel Red Angus. We hope you enjoy our new website! We will be updating it often so please come back and visit us again soon!

We are busy preparing for our 45th Annual Bull Sale that is coming up soon on March 19th 2016, at Fort Macleod Auction Market. Please take a peek at our Sale Catalogue to see what we have to offer this year!

History of Mackenzie Red Angus Our mission is to raise efficient, productive Red Angus cattle to make a profit for ourselves and our customers.

Our ranch is located at Mountain View, Alberta at the base of the Rocky Mountains in the extreme south west corner of the province. It was established by my grandfather Mackenzie in 1898. Our original herd of cows were Shorthorn.

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