About Us

Our mission is to raise efficient, productive Red Angus cattle to make a profit for ourselves and our customers.

Our ranch is located at Mountain View, Alberta at the base of the Rocky Mountains in the extreme south west corner of the province. It was established by my grandfather Mackenzie in 1898. Our original herd of cows were Shorthorn.

In 1962, Don and brother Rod attended the Beckton Stock Farm 4th Annual Production Sale and purchased 4 head of Red Angus: 1 bull, 1 cow/calf pair, and 2 bred heifers, on behalf of Mackenzie brothers. These were the first Red Angus females imported into Canada. Other U.S. purchases were added over the next few years. When available as many Canadian genetics as possible were added.

We started to show cattle in 1971 from Toronto to Vancouver as a way to introduce and promote Red Angus cattle to Canada. Although we don't travel as far as we once did, showing cattle is still a major component of how we promote our genetics.

Performance testing was implemented in 1962, and is still utilized today as a production tool.

Don, Linda, daughter Jade, and Jade’s partner Steve Brander are actively involved in the day to day operation of our ranch. Jade is a college graduate in Agricultural Technology and has taken over ranch operations under the name Jewel Red Angus. She presently works 6 months of the year for Parks Canada in nearby Waterton Lakes National Park. Jade has also added a club calf division to the ranch where we market prospect calves to juniors in Western Canada. Our daughter Amber attended the University of Lethbridge in the Faculty of Management, majoring in marketing. She is married to David and they have a son Maxwell. Amber and David both work in Calgary.

Industry Involvement

Don has served as President of both the Canadian Angus Association andthe Canadian Beef Breeds council.  Don was a board member of the Beef Improvement Federation for four years and chaired the 2008 B.I.F. conference in Calgary.  Jade served on the Alberta Angus association board of directors for 6 years!

  • 1979 First Canadians to receive “Pioneer Breeder Award” by the Red Angus Association of America.
  • 1984 we received the Canadian Red Angus “Breeder of the year” award.
  • 2004 Mackenzie Brothers were honoured by the Red Angus Association of America as being one of the “50 most influential Breeders”.
  • 2004 we were honoured by the Canadian Angus Association as “Honorary President”
  • 2007 Our family was inducted into the Alberta Angus Hall of Fame.
  • 2012 Don was honoured by the Canadian Angus Associations as "Honorary President"